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Unlock your brain’s full potential and use it comprehensively. Get an unfair advantage in today’s fast paced world, where everything that you know today is changing faster than ever before in history.

Learn how to be a better learner. Don’t just learn a new skill, but get better at learning itself – that’s the Logic 101 approach.

Why instructor lead training at Logic 101?

The Rubik’s Cube training methodology developed at Logic 101 is not just aimed at solving the cube or mugging up the steps, but is a designed to comprehensively engage your left brain.

Our experience has shown that different training methods resonates and is most effective with different people. There are over 28 cube solving set ups and they are all fundamentally different to each other. Depending on your learning predisposition, you may find some approaches more natural and obvious than others.

Unlike the one method that fits all approach of the Learn Rubik’s Cube on YouTube or quick hacks, our trainers use the approach that best suits your learning predisposition.

Interactive training online or in person was identified by more than 88% of our survey respondents as a better way to learn cubing, with a longer lasting improvement.

Rubik’s Cube at Logic 101 is not just a quick hack or cheat sheet to solve a cube, but it is a comprehensive training to engage and strengthen your brain. Learning in a structured group environment has proven to have 90% lesser dropout chances.

After completing your basic cube solving, Logic 101 trainers have the experience to guide you, if you should:

o   speed cubing (Rubik’s cube solve time improvement)

o   different cubes (there are over 130 types of cubes)

o   leave it at the basic level itself

rubik's cube classes

What is the Rubik’s Cube Advantage?

With 43 quintillion permutations and combinations, Rubik’s Cube solving cannot be memorized. The best analogy of what Rubik’s Cube training at Logic 101 does for your brain… it is like:

o   Learning a new musical instrument

o   Familiarising yourself with a new language

o   Writing in cursive with your non dominant hand

Our studies have shown that Rubik’s Cube learning is not perceived as a burden, but instead it ignites the mind, with more than 85% of the learners practicing it regularly.

rubik's cube classes