rubik's cube training
Vatsal Shah

A qualified mechanical engineer, Vatsal graduated from a reputed university in 2016, Vatsal Shah quit his typical career job to spend all his time on his passion - Rubik’s Cube. He noticed that what really touched him more than his “full time job” was when he cracked yet another type of cube or when he taught someone how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Vatsal with his unassuming and friend like approach is very popular with our younger learners. When he’s not working with learners in one of his online sessions, he’s often found engrossed in learning a new technique or new cube. No wonder he’s a master of more than 30 cubes.

rubik's cube training
Raj Chhabria

If there was an accelerated learning pathway in his school, Raj would have made it easily. Currently pursuing his B. Tech in Computer Science, Raj is perhaps one of the fastest Rubik’s Cube solvers in India today. Improving his cubing techniques and intense practicing has established Raj as an expert in the specialised skill of Speed Solving. Raj takes only a few exclusive online training sessions with learners who are already able to solve the cube and want to reduce their Rubik’s Cube solve time to sub 30 seconds. If you want to take your cubing to the next level… then you need Raj as your coach.

rubik's cube training
Kiran Kulkarni

A qualified Biomedical Engineer, Kiran has been an avid cuber for more than 8 years. Actively involved in a patentable project in creation of prosthetic limb technology enhancement, he firmly believes that Rubik’s Cube ignites innovation and creative faculties of one’s brain. Kiran has been recognised by the World Cube Association as a Top 10 cuber in 5 of their 7 competitions that he has participated in so far. His average solve time is 3.9 sec for 2x2 cube (PB 0.873 sec) & 8.56 sec for 3x3 cube (PB 5.794 sec). He coaches advanced cubers for speed cubing and beginners Cube Explorer program at Logic 101.

rubik's cube training
Dishang Mehta

A self-proclaimed die hard cuber, who has been cubing since his secondary school year. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Mathematics at St Xavier’s College.

Dishang’s PB is 9.31 seconds for 3 x 3 and 16.27 seconds for one-handed 3 x 3 cube solving. He has participated in the World Cube Association organised competitions and achieved a Top 10 ranking in 3 x 3 one handed (OH) solving. He can solve more than 25 types of cubes.

Dishang is convinced that cube solving helps in enhancing analytical abilities of the brain and is keen to initiate anyone who’s interested in learning this skill of Rubik’s Cube solving.

rubik's cube training
Ashka Singha

Young, energetic and ready to conquer the world, Ashka is our administration support backbone at Logic 101. When enrolling, paying the fees or fixing a session schedule, there is a chance you will be helped by her. Currently pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration, she enjoys creating a work environment that is systematic and organised.

While still working on her cubing skills, Ashka is always keen to make it easy for you to engage and coordinate with us here at Logic 101. She completes our vision of being a premier Rubik’s Cube coaching institute.

rubik's cube training
Hetvi Shah

Hetvi Shah is a post-graduate student of Political Science. She firmly believes in learning, unlearning when required and re-committing to winning ways. For her curiosity is a virtue. She subscribes to Robert Heinlein’s motto “When one teaches, two learn”, makes her an excellent teacher of the Rubik’s Cube for children. A good conversationalist, kids find their learning experience from Hetvi thoroughly enriching and enjoyable. Hetvi connects with her students naturally, who ask to continue learning new cubes and speed cubing under her. She’s found that her students who learn solving the Rubik’s cube have also exhibited other brain related characteristics like improved focus, memory and cognitive thinking.

Logic 101 is an academy exclusively dedicated to the learning of Rubik’s Cube. Our core purpose is to spread awareness of how beneficial this simple yet powerful is this tool – the Rubik’s Cube.

Invented in 1974 by Professor Erno Rubik, of Hungary to help his students logical processing methods, without them getting bored. Since then, more than 350 million cubes have been sold globally. Rubik’s Cube has found a big following in India, especially amongst children aged 7 years and above. However recently we have noticed a significant number of adults have joined our online classes and have been adding one more feather of skill in their caps.

After conducting Rubik’s Cube workshops for two years and due to an exponentially increasing demand in January 2020 we launched the Logic 101 studio classes at Bodakdev in Ahmedabad. Our studios are equipped to deliver an engaging online learning experience, whether you are learning to solve the Rubik’s Cube for the first time or are an expert who wants to take cubing to the next level.

What keeps us going?

“Aarya has always been a girl who keeps to herself in groups & parties. But since she’s learnt Rubik’s Cube solving, she loves sharing her moves in a gathering. For me, the best thing is her belief in herself, her confidence.”
Shruti Mother of 11 year old Aarya
“Everyone kept reminding me of how active my son was and often time that translated into naughty behaviour. Somewhere all along I knew that if his energies are channelised, then he will shine. Rubik’s Cube solving was his thing. He solves it in under 60 seconds.``
Megha Mother of 12 year old Rohan
“I had actually enrolled my daughter at L101. But during the Corona crisis I was home and joined in with her for the online sessions. I still can’t believe that I got hooked on cubing. It’s become a family activity, exchanging tips, new methods. Better than being on my smartphone.”
Karishma An unintentional cubing enthusiast