Online Rubik’s Cube learning program is delivered over an interactive instructor led live online sessions. A certificate is awarded to you upon successful completion of all our programs.

Multiple types of cube solving as opposed to 3 x 3 speed cube solving require two very distinct cognitive processes. They require different ways of thinking and develop different parts of your brain.

Logic 101’s award winning Rubik’s Cube trainers, based on their years of training experience have put together clear Learning Pathways, which not only develop your brain power, but develop it in a way and direction that is best suited for your learning aptitude.

This selective chronological Learning Pathway of Rubik’s Cube has worked wonders and reduced our drop out ratios to less than 10%.

Cubing Kids program is designed for kids in the age group of 5 to 7 years. The training method is fine tuned for shorter attention span and language proficiency of very young children.

Cube Explorer is our flagship program, recommended if you are new to Rubik’s Cube. Our learners are able to solve the 3 X 3 Rubik’s Cube by the end of this program. Upon completion you can either enjoy learning more by yourself or take up our advance programs: Cube Master or Speed Cuber.

Cube Master is structured as a 2 level program. This program is designed to strengthen your lateral thinking capability by training you to solve multiple advanced and uncommon cubes.

Speed Cuber delves into highly advanced algorithms of Rubik’s Cube solving. Your hand eye coordination, memory recall and quick decision making skills are pushed to the next level.

Cube Champion For cubers who want to take their skills even beyond mastery. Get trained in rarely taught cubes, by India’s top cubing champions. Not for everyone, however this exclusive program shouldn’t be missed by those with an unyielding passion for cubing. Consider this as the PhD in cubing.