Rubik’s Cube solving is proven to engage and develop the left brain power. Learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube from the expert trainers who specialise in solving more than 30 types of cubes. A correct solving technique requires a step-by-step logical process, which builds cognitive thinking and memory. Another benefit of learning the Rubik’s Cube is sharpening of the hand-eye coordination which creates additional neural connections in the brains of children and young adults.

Perhaps the only dedicated institute for Rubik’s Cube learning, you will experience the most complete and accurate learning approach by our experienced Rubik’s Cube trainers. Incorporating tips & tricks learnt by teaching more than 2000 students over the last two years, our methods make it easy to master even the most tricky moves in solving Rubik’s Cube.

Logic 101 is an exclusive Rubik’s Cube academy. We see a Rubik’s Cube not as a toy, but as a cognitive thinking process development tool. Our trainers are passionate about Rubik’s Cube solving techniques, various cube types, time improvement and connecting it back to cognitive brain power enhancement.

Why learn solving Rubik’s Cube?

  • 1. Promotes mental development, particularly left-brain logical thinking for problem-solving.
  • 2. Develop patience as solving a cube requires time and continuous attention.
  • 3. Measurable improvement in short term memory.
  • 4. Break the screen addiction. No more being glued to mobile or TV.
  • 5. Improve confidence and therefore better social skills & public speaking.
  • 6. And the one benefit, makes you more optimistic, as most “day-to-day” tasks are easier than solving a Rubik’s Cube.
rubik's cube classes

Rubik’s Cube is an open ended puzzle, hence presenting you with a challenge where there is no wrong answer.

Benefits of Rubik’s Cube solving, which are derived from improved cognitive and problem solving abilities puts the learner at an advantageous position compared to their peers. We hear such encouraging success stories almost everyday.

Client Experiences

''My son has been taking online classes from Vatsal sir for past 6 months and it has been really amazing experience with him. He is very patient and knowledgable, my son has already learnt to solve 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, pyramid, mirror, megaminx, skewb cubes. (I never thought it was possible to learn rubiks cube online but happy to be wrong 🙂 )
I would highly recommend Logic101 for anyone looking forward to learning rubiks cube with quality teachers.''
Digesh Malla
''My son is 10years and within 2months he is now able to solve 7-8 types of cube. And even if someone gives him née type of cube he will try to solve it with the fundamental taught by Vatsalsir. Kids are very fond of Vatsalsir. They don’t want to miss any sessions even if it is at night. Moreover Vatsalsir also try to manage timings for all the kids. It’s a please being connected with these classes as it’s helps a lot for the brain development of kids brain, solving a problem using algorithms and keeping them away from gadgets.👍🏻''
Rujuta Swadia
''Very nice and interesting classes.I heart fully appreciate the efforts put in by hevti mam. Agastya loved to solve the cube so quickly. My special thanks to hetvi mam for being so patient with my kid and make him to solve both cubes.My special thanks to vatsal for encouraging kids with easy and unique techniques in solving the cube. I definitely recommend vastal for Rubik’s classes.''
Bhuvana M
''My experience with logic101 has been excellent. I really appreciate the confidence shown by Vatsal sir that a kid aged 4.5yrs can solve the rubik cube. My 7year has done four levels of cubing and my 4.5year is able to solve the cube as well. I'm really thankfull to logic101 as the sessions are very engaging for kids and all the trainers are very good.''
Afreen Farooqui
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